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Monday, March 16

Session 1: Early stages – Chair: Luis Felipe Rodriguez

Thomas Henning


Review on Observations of High Mass Star Formation

Qizhou Zhang


Fragmentation of Molecular Clumps and Formation of Protoclusters

Adam Avison


Constraining the mass and evolution of protostars in SDC335

Guillem Anglada


Imaging signatures of infall motions in the G31.41 hot molecular core

Elise Servajean

Universidad de Chile

G305: Looking into a stellar maternity with ALMA

Session 2: Theory and Simulations – Chair: Andrew Walsh

Patrick Hennebelle


Review on Theory and Simulations

Enrique Vazquez-Semadeni


Formation of massive stars in gravitationally collapsing clouds

Ian Bonnell
(by Rowan Smith)

University of St Andrews

The formation of stellar clusters and massive stars

Robbie Banerjee

University of Hamburg

From Molecular Clouds to Massive Stars: Star Formation in Numerical Simulations

Javier Ballesteros-Paredes


Gravity or turbulence? Dynamics, fragmentation and cloud structure

Rowan Smith

University of Manchester

Filamentary Accretion and Massive Star Formation

Matthias Gritschneder

University Observatory Munich

Stellar feedback and triggered stars—where are the soulmates?

Christine Koepferl


A Reality Check: Testing measurements of Star-Formation Rates using Realistic Synthetic Observations

Session 3: Observations – Chair: Jill Rathborne

Di Li

National Astronomical Observatories

What is a filament, anyway?—Shape, Density, Dynamics, and Psychology

Cristina Cappa


IR dust bubble S24: Molecular gas and star formation

Joseph Mottram

Leiden Observatory

Cloud disruption via ionized feedback: testing simulations by tracing pillar dynamics in Vulpecula

Fabien Louvet

Universidad de Chile

Stellar formation efficiency at high densities

Jens Kauffmann


A Comprehensive High–Resolution Study of the Central Molecular Zone

Adam Ginsburg


The density structure in a massive cluster forming cloud

Shari Breen


Evidence for monolithic collapse of high-mass molecular cores in the infrared bubble G10.32-0.13

Carmen Juarez


A spectro-polarimetric study of the intermediate/high mass star forming region NGC 6334 V

Anna McLeod


The Pillars of Creation revisited with MUSE: gas kinematics and high-mass stellar feedback traced by optical spectroscopy

Fernando Olguin

University of Leeds

The circumstellar matter distribution of the proto-typical MYSO GL 2591


Tuesday, March 17

Session 4: Cores and Filaments – Chair: Henrik Beuther

Tushara Pillai


Review on Massive Filaments and Cores

Gary Fuller

University of Manchester

Spitzer Dark Clouds: Filaments and Massive Star Formation

Ciriaco Goddi

Radboud University

Hot Ammonia in the Densest Massive Cores

Ashley Barnes

Liverpool John Moores University

Complex, coherent kinematics in a highly filamentary infrared dark cloud: The case of G034.43+00.24

Gemma Busquet


Fragmentation in the Infrared Dark Cloud G14.225-0.506

Danae Polychroni

University of Athens

Nature vs Nurture: The relative importance of the Where and How in forming (massive) stars

Christian Hummel


Near and Mid-IR interferometry and sub-mm imaging and spectroscopy of a high-mass young stellar object near NGC 3603

Javier Rodon


The CMF of massive star-forming regions

Matias Lackington

University of Manchester

Deuteration in Infrared Dark Clouds

Vlas Sokolov


Deuterium fractionation tracing the evolution of IRDC cores

Session 5: Young Clusters – Chair: Qizhou Zhang

Steven Longmore

Liverpool John Moores University

Review on Massive clusters

Esteban Morales


Tracing massive star formation in the Galactic plane with embedded clusters and young stellar objects

Roberta Paladini


A Planck and Herschel view of Galactc high-mass star forming regions

Carlos Roman-zuniga


Reconstruction of Star Cluster Forming Histories in Molecular Complexes

Jill Rathborne


A cluster in the making: ALMA reveals the initial conditions for high-mass cluster formation

Sarolta Zahorecz


What are the physical conditions at the earliest stage of massive star and star cluster formation?

Daniel Walker

Liverpool John Moores University

The Formation of Young Massive Clusters: A Monolithic or Sub-structured Process?

Anna Rosen

University of California

Gone with the Wind: Where is the Missing Wind Energy from Massive Star Clusters?

Session 6: Magnetic Fields – Chair: Gary Fuller

Josep Girart


Magnetic fields in massive star forming regions: The SMA view

Gabriele Surcis


Magnetic field measurements at AU scales around massive young stellar objects by using astronomical masers

Ka Ho Yuen

Chinese University of Hong Kong

Self-similar Fragmentation Regulated by Magnetic Fields in a Massive Star Forming Filament

Manuel Fernandez

Instituto Argentino de Radioastronomia

Zeeman Interferometric observations of CN(2-1) transitions with CARMA


Thursday, March 19

Session 7: Jets and Outflows – Chair: Willem Jan de Wit

Andres Guzman

Universidad de Chile

Review on Massive jets

Igor Zinchenko

Institute of Applied Physics RAS

A sub-arcsecond study of the disk-outflow system in the S255IR area of high mass star formation

Luke Maud

Leiden University

A Distance Limited Sample of Massive Outflows

Pamela Klaassen

UK Astronomy Technology Centre

The Single Outflow from multiple HII regions

Viviana Rosero


Ionized Jet Candidates Associated with Young High Mass Stars

Megan Reiter

University of Arizona

Powerful jets driven by intermediate-mass protostars in the Carina Nebula

Session 8: Masers – Chair: Miguel Roth

Maxim Voronkov


Interferometric survey of southern class I methanol masers

Johan van der Walt

North-West University

A brief overview of the status of periodic methanol masers

Jeong-Sook Kim


Transition of the Outflow and associated Expanding H2O Maser Shell in the Massive Star-forming Region W75N

Jabulani Maswanganye

HartRAO/North-West University

New Periodic Variable Methanol Masers in Massive Star-Forming Regions

Session 9: Massive Disks – Chair: Maite Beltran

Henrik Beuther


Review on Massive Disks

Katharine Johnston

University of Leeds

An ALMA view of high-mass star formation in AFGL 4176

Luis Zapata


A hot and compact disk around the O-type protostar IRAS 16547-4247 revealed by ALMA

Catherine Dougados

Universidad de Chile

Accretion-ejection processes in young intermediate mass stars

Session 10: Astrochemistry – Chair: Josep M. Girart

Hendrik Linz

MPIA Heidelberg

Complex Organic Molecules (COMs) in early phases of higher-mass star formation

Takeshi Sakai

The University of Electro-Communications

DNC/HNC Ratio in Molecular Clumps

Yancy Shirley

University of Arizona

Deuteration in High-Mass Star-Forming Regions

Russell Shipman


The Water Story in IRDC Clumps

Ian Stephens

Boston University

High-mass Star-forming Clumps with Unusual N2H+/HCO+ Line Ratios

Sarah Fechtenbaum

Laboratoire d’Astrophysique de Bordeaux

CygX-N63: the astrochemical link between dark clouds and hot cores ?

Siyi Feng


Chemical substructures in high-mass star-forming regions


Friday, March 20

Session 11: Milky Way Surveys – Chair: Guido Garay

Manuel Merello


A Herschel view of massive star formation on the outer Galaxy

James Jackson

Boston University

The MALT90 Molecular Line Survey

Yanett Contreras


MALT90: Unveiling its treasures

Mark Thompson

University of Hertfordshire

Latest results from the SCUBA-2 Ambitious Sky Survey

James Urquhart


ATLASGAL: Galaxy-wide Sample of Embedded Massive Stars

Andrew Walsh


OH and H2O maser surveys of the Galaxy

Timea Csengeri


The first Galaxy scale hunt for high-mass protostars

Andrew Rigby

Liverpool John Moores University

The 13CO/C18O (J=3-2) Heterodyne Inner Milky Way Plane Survey (CHIMPS)

Brian Svoboda

Steward Observatory

Physical Properties of Massive Star-Forming Clumps in Different Evolutionary Stages from the Bolocam Galactic Plane Survey

Simon Bihr


THOR – The HI, OH and recombination line survey of the Milky Way

Session 12: Inner Galaxy and Magellanic Clouds – Chair: Diego Mardones

Elisabeth Mills


Review on Central Molecular Zone

Cara Battersby


The SMA Legacy Survey of the Central Molecular Zone

Katharina Immer


Gas temperature structures of Galactic center clouds

Monica Rubio

Universidad de Chile

Molecular clouds at ALMA resolution in the Magellanic Bridge

Nayak Omnarayani

Johns Hopkins University

ALMA Observations of the Large Magellanic Cloud


Luis Felipe Rodriguez


Conference Summary



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