How to arrive to Puerto Varas

The closest airport to the conference is Puerto Montt (Airport code: PMC). The full name of the airport is El Tepual International Airport. International travelers will likely have a connection in Santiago, the capital of Chile. Lan Airlines operates about 8 flights daily to and from Santiago. The flight from Santiago to Puerto Montt takes about 1.75 hours.

The Puerto Montt airport is located approximately 30 kilometers from Puerto Varas. Representatives from the conference will be at the airport on March 15. Buses provided by the conference will be available for transportation from the Puerto Montt airport to Puerto Varas.

Taxis are also available for transportation from the airport. The price to Puerto Varas is between 18,000 – 20,000 CLP (approx $33 USD).

MONEY: There is a bank machine in Puerto Montt airport. But we have been told that it doesn’t work for international cards. It is best to take out chilean pesos in the airport in Santiago.