2021 Application for Postgraduate Program in Astronomy

Admission Criteria

Applicants to the program must possess a Bachelors degree (or equivalent) in Astronomy, Physics, or Engineering, and a sufficient level of English proficiency. Beyond this minimum criteria the selection of applicants is based on curricular merit. Special consideration is given to previous performance in physics and astronomy courses, and potential research experiences. The program is open to applicants of all nationalities. We particularly encourage women and minorities to apply.

The working language in the graduate program and in classes is English. It is not required to speak Spanish to be admitted and participate in the graduate program although we highly recommend students to take the opportunity of learning the language while living in Chile.

Application Deadline

Applications to both the Ph.D and M.Sc. programs are opened from September 21st to October 31th.

Application Form

Candidates must select the program they are interested in and complete the application form, attaching all necessary documents:

To apply, click on the following link https://ucampus.uchile.cl/m/fcfm_postgrado_postulacion/visitante?semestre=20211


- Copy of your academic degree (Bachelor).
- Transcript of your academic grades and the course syllabus.
- CV.
- Letter of intention to enter our Program.
- 3 letters of recommendation (Doctorate) or 2 letters of recommendation (Master).

For more information write to Marta Ojeda to mojeda[at]das.uchile.cl