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  • Fecha y HoraCharlistaInstituciónTítulo
  • 19.12.19, 12:15hrsMassinissa HadjaraDIE, U. de ChileSCIROCCO & PAMPERO: Astrophysical models for spectro-interferometric studies
  • 29.11.19, 15:00hrsClaudia PaladiniESOVLTI/MATISSE: the sharpest eyes in the thermal infrared
  • 28.11.19, 12:15hrsFrancisco FörsterCMM U.Chile & MASHigh cadence surveys and the future ecosystem of time domain astronomy
  • 21.11.19, 12:15hrsJoakim RosdahlCentre de Recherche Astrophysique de Lyon, FranciaThe SPHINX simulations of the first billion years of galaxy evolution and cosmic reionisation
  • 24.10.19, 12:15hrsMaria KopsacheiliDepartment of Physics, U. of Crete & FORTH, GreeceStudy of Extragalactic Supernova Remnants
  • 10.10.19, 12:15hrsPatricia TisseraUNAB, Instituto Milenio de AstronomiaThe evolution of metallicity gradients
  • 03.10.19, 12:15hrsSvatopluk CivišJ.Heyrovský Institute of Physical Chemistry, Praha, Czech RepublicHigh Power Lasers in Astrobiology and Physics of Rydberg States
  • 12.09.19, 12:15hrsJixing GeDAS - UChileAstro-chemical modeling to Planck cold clumps G224.4-0.6
  • 05.09.19, 11:15hrsGiovanni LeoneINCT, U. de AtacamaSearch and use of Martian and lunar rock simulants in modern planetary research
  • 29.08.19, 12:15hrsOlivera MiškovićPUC ValparaísoBlack holes and holography
  • 22.08.19, 12:15hrsJinhua HeYNAO / CASSACAInitial results of ALMA monitoring of the carbon star IRC +10216
  • 13.08.19, 12:15hrsMario HamuyDAS - UChileEclipses Season: Awakening the astonishment of citizenship
  • 08.08.19, 12:15hrsPascale HibonESOThe ATACAMA project : Searching for Lyman Alpha Nebulae in a very wide redshift range
  • 06.08.19, 12:15hrsZenghua ZhangParis ObservatoryProperties of metal-poor transitional and degenerate brown dwarfs
  • 25.07.19, 12:15hrsBartosz GauzaDAS - UChileBenchmark brown dwarf companions from the VISTA Hemisphere Survey
  • 18.07.19, 12:15hrsPaulo GarciaCENTRA - ESO-VitacuraGRAVITY: the first two years harvest
  • 11.07.19, 12:15hrsVenu KalariDAS/Gemini ObservatoryGemini Observatory: Past, present and future
  • 27.06.19, 12:15hrsPaolo GoldoniAPC, CEA/IRFURedshift Determination for Blazar Candidates for Cherenkov Telescope Array detection
  • 25.06.19, 16:00hrsJay PasachoffWilliams College, USAThis Solar Eclipse, and Others: Science and Spectacle
  • 20.06.19, 12:15hrsChat HullALMA, NAOJStar formation, polarization, and magnetic fields in the ALMA era
  • 13.06.19, 12:15hrsStephane MazevetLUT, Observatoire de ParisUnraveling the interior structure of planets and exoplanets using ab initio equations of states
  • 06.06.19, 12:15hrsAleksandra SolarzNational Centre for Nuclear Research, Warsaw, PolandMachine-aided anomaly detection in large data sets
  • 30.05.19, 12:15hrsPablo GarciaCASSACA - NAOCUnderstanding Massive Star Formation Processes in Harsh and High Metallicity Environments
  • 16.05.19, 12:15hrsRodolfo AngeloniU. de La SerenaRAMSES II - RAMan Search for Extragalactic Symbiotic Star: Project concept, commissioning, and early results from the science verication phase
  • 09.05.19, 12:15hrsSean PointsCTIO, NOAOA Narrowband Emission-Line Survey of the Large Magellanic Cloud
  • 02.05.19, 12:15hrsNéstor EspinozaMax-Planck-Institut für AstronomieTransiting exoplanets: detection and characterization in the era of TESS & JWST
  • 25.04.19, 12:15hrsJuan Carlos BeaminUAC - NPFFrom brown dwarfs to humans: Transitioning from academia to science communication
  • 04.04.19, 12:15hrsSvetla TsvetkovaIA - BASMagnetic fields and activity in single red giants
  • 28.03.19, 12:15hrsLorena B. ValderramaDepartamento de Periodismo, UAHMujeres y astronomía en los inicios del siglo XX en Chile
  • 28.03.19, 12:15hrsCarlos SanhuezaDCH, U. de ChileMujeres y astronomía en los inicios del siglo XX en Chile
  • 21.03.19, 12:15hrsEnrico CongiuLas Campanas ObservatoryThe Extended Narrow-line Region in Nearby AGN
  • 14.03.19, 12:15hrsCristobal PetrovichCanadian Institute for Theoretical AstrophysicsOn the origin of the shortest-period planets
  • 10.01.19, 12:15hrsMario RiquelmeDFI, FCFM, U. de Chile(Stochastic?) Particle Acceleration in Sgr A* Accretion Disk

NOTE: Seminars are subject to change.