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The seminars schedule is subject to change. Please check regularly.

  • Fecha y HoraCharlistaInstituciónTítulo
  • 11.04.16, 16:00hrsReynier PeletierKAI, Groningen, NetherlandsStellar Content of Early-type Galaxies based on Infrared Spectroscopy
  • 08.04.16, 11:00hrsReinhard GenzelMPE and UCB Physics & AstronomyThe Galactic Center Black Hole: a Quest
  • 07.04.16, 16:00hrsAntonios KatsianisDAS, U. de ChileThe role of feedback and the evolution of z ~ 1-7 galaxies
  • 10.03.16, 16:00hrsPhilip AppletonNASA HSC, CaltechUV to Far-IR Spectroscopy of Stephan’s Quintet: Evidence for supersonic turbulence and the Inhibition of star formation on group-wide scales from Spitzer, Herschel and HST
  • 22.01.16, 16:00hrsCarles Sá nchezIFAE-UAB, EspañaGalaxy clustering and weak gravitational lensing in the Dark Energy Survey Science Verification data
  • 19.01.16, 16:00hrsMatthew J. HolmanHarvard-Smithsonian Center for AstrophysicsThe Pan-STARRS-1 Outer Solar System Key Project
  • 14.01.16, 16:00hrsJoaquín PrietoDAS U. de ChileMultiscale mass transport on z~6 galaxies: fueling black holes
  • 12.01.16, 16:00hrsEric PengDAS, Peking UniversityInside the Belly of the Beast: Globular Clusters, Dwarfs, and the Build-up of Massive Galaxies
  • 05.01.16, 16:00hrsSubo DongKIAA, Peking UniversityDirect collision of white dwarfs as a major channel for type Ia supernovae explosions

NOTE: Seminars are subject to change.