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The seminars schedule is subject to change. Please check regularly.

  • Fecha y HoraCharlistaInstituciónTítulo
  • 25.05.18, 12:15hrsAlassandro LupiInstituto de Astrofisca de ParisKinematics and dynamics of molecular gas in high redshift galaxies
  • 24.05.18, 12:15hrsPhilipp Lang.Revealing the star formation versus stellar distribution of submillimeter galaxies at high redshift
  • 17.05.18, 12:15hrsKonstantina BoutsiaLas CampanasLooking for the sources of reionization
  • 10.05.18, 12:15hrsRicardo DemarcoDAS, U. de ConcepciónGalaxy pre-processing in substructures around galaxy clusters
  • 03.05.18, 12:15hrsFlorencio UtrerasCMM/FCFM & UTTICAThe Copernicus Satellite constellation and the Copernicus hub in Chile
  • 19.04.18, 12:15hrsOscar GonzálezUKATC, Scotland, UKMOONS: The Multi-Object Optical and Near-IR Spectrograph for the Very Large Telescope
  • 12.04.18, 12:15hrsJoaquin PrietoCATA Postdoc - DASMass Transport in Galaxies
  • 05.04.18, 12:15hrsVictor de Souza MagalhaesIRAM – GrenobleTracing the reservoirs of Nitrogen
  • 29.03.18, 12:15hrsHuirong YanInstitut für Physik & Astronomie, Universität Potsdam & DESY, GermanyTurbulence and its Astrophysical Implications
  • 22.03.18, 12:15hrsHugo MessiasALMA-Chile FellowHot-dust evolution in galaxies in the last 10Gyr?
  • 15.03.18, 12:15hrsGesa BertrangFONDECYT Fellow/DASMagnetic Fields - Polarization – Disks
  • 13.03.18, 12:15hrsElliot HorchSCSU & Lowell ObservatoryModern Photon-Counting in Astronomy: High-Resolution Imaging Reaches Nirvana
  • 25.01.18, 12:15hrsSilvia BonoliCEFCA, EspañaThe J-Surveys: the sky in multi-color
  • 18.01.18, 12:15hrsLuc DessartUMI-LFCACore-collapse supernovae powered by magnetars

NOTE: Seminars are subject to change.