If you are interested in giving a seminar at Cerro Calán, please send us an e-mail to, or contact us at the address listed on our website.

The seminars schedule is subject to change. Please check regularly.

  • Fecha y HoraCharlistaInstituciónTítulo
  • 12.11.20, 12:15hrsVerónica Ramírez ErrázurizDepto. Literatura, UAILos astros bajo el escrutinio de la prensa chilena Virtual room
  • 08.10.20, 12:15hrsGinés GuerreroCMM, UChileComputación de Alto Rendimiento: ¿Qué es y qué se hace en Chile? Virtual room
  • 01.10.20, 12:15hrsStefano FacchiniESO, GermanyChemical and physical structure in transition disks Virtual room
  • 24.09.20, 12:15hrsMiguel Vioque De LozarUniversity of Leeds, UKCatalogue of new high-mass Pre-Main Sequence and Classical Be stars. A Machine Learning approach to Gaia data Virtual room
  • 10.09.20, 12:15hrsClara Martínez-VázquezCTIO, ChileThe formation and evolution of Local group dwarf galaxies told by their RR Lyrae stars Virtual room
  • 03.09.20, 12:15hrsAntonio GarufiINAF Observatory, ItalyImaging the planet formation. Sooner. Virtual room
  • 27.08.20, 12:15hrsRachel StreetLCOExploring Hidden Populations with LSST Virtual room
  • 20.08.20, 12:15hrsAnya SamadiNúcleo de Astronomía, UDPBinary stars: the challenge of parallax determination, rotation and pulsation (A/F-type), Virtual room,
  • 30.07.20, 12:15hrsFabio VitoSNS, Pisa, ItalyThe furthest Quasars in the X-rays, Virtual room
  • 22.07.20, 12:00hrsAndrés EscalaDAS, UCHILEOn the Mathematical Formulation of Empirical Laws, Virtual room
  • 23.01.20, 12:15hrsFrancisca KemperAPIA, U. of AmsterdamImaging the cradles of planet formation
  • 09.01.20, 12:15hrsChristian GinskiALMA-ESOThe origin of dust in galaxies

NOTE: Seminars are subject to change.