• DAS develops receptor for ALMA

    The research consisted of the design, implementation, and characterization of Band 1 optics for the ALMA radio telescope.

  • Research on planet formation

    Scientists from the Department of Physics (DFI) and Astronomy DAS) of the Faculty are preparing to begin an ambitious scientific project.

  • 2nd Workshop of Astronomy students

    The initiative seeks to bring together students of astronomy and other related areas of national universities.

Previous News

Astronomer receives international award

Development of receivers for ALMA Band 1 (31-45GHz) has begun after the Atacama Large Millimeter/sub-millimeter Array (ALMA) Board officially approved the production of Band1 receivers. Read More

Chilean participate in designing E-ELT

The World Academy of Sciences announced this Tuesday, November 15, will award a prize to Mario Hamuy, professor of Universidad de Chile. Read More

Professor DAS will preside CONICYT

The recently announced National Prize of Exact Sciences and professor of Department of Astronomy, Universidad de Chile, professor Mario Hamuy Wackenhut, will take over the presidency of CONICYT. Read More