Academics earn Millennium Institute

Wednesday, November 06, 2013

The Millennium Scientific Institute of Astrophysics ( MAS) project, led by Academician of the Astronomy Department (DAS ) at the University of Chile, Mario Hamuy , was one of those selected by the funds provided by the Millennium Scientific Initiative (ICM ) under the Ministry of Economy.

The initiative will initially have 20 academics from the Faculty of Physical and Mathematical Sciences to University of Chile (Departments of Astronomy , Electrical Engineering, and Center for Mathematical Modeling ) , Catholic University , University of Concepcion, Valparaiso University and Universidad Andrés Bello . " Within five years we will have 50 scientists and engineers , in addition to about 30 postgraduate students" says Hamuy .

The goal of MAS is to address the challenges of the new astronomy and prepare the Chilean astronomical community for the paradigm shift that will come with the start of operations of LSST ( Large Synoptic Survey Telescope ) and other future large-scale synoptic surveys .

"This is a multi -disciplinary project ( Astronomy, Statistics and Informatics) and the priority is developing advanced to mathematical and computational tools for resolve astronomical problems of border including a better understanding of dark energy , dark matter, the origin of the Milky Way and search for life on exoplanets. Our work will be located at the frontiers of knowledge, we must be prepared for discoveries totally unexpected" he explains.

The Millennium Institute of Astrophysics is the result of the union of the Millennium Nucleus for the Study of Supernovae hosted by the U. Chile and Millennium Nucleus for the Milky Way led by the PUC.