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  • Fecha y HoraCharlistaInstituciónTítulo
  • 28.09.17, 12:15hrsCristina DoradorU. de AntofagastaMicroorganisms flowering in the Atacama Desert
  • 21.09.17, 12:15hrsNanyao LuCASSACA & NAOCSub-millimeter Line Spectroscopy of Galaxies: From Herschel to ALMA
  • 14.09.17, 12:15hrsClaudio RicciPUC, CASSACA, and KIAA BeijingThe close environments of supermassive black holes
  • 07.09.17, 12:15hrsBrent GrovesANUTracing Gas in Galaxies Near and Far
  • 04.09.17, 16:00hrsSrinivasan RaghunathanSchool of Physics, U. of MelbourneMeasuring masses of galaxy clusters using CMB-cluster lensing
  • 31.08.17, 12:15hrsGael ChauvinUMI-LFCA and IPAGImaging other worlds
  • 17.08.17, 12:15hrsFrancisco ForsterCMM & MAS Institute, U. de ChileThe High cadence Transient Survey (HiTS): early supernova light curves
  • 08.08.17, 12:15hrsRei EnokiyaNagoya University, JaponLarge Scale and High Sensitivity Multi Line CO Surveys toward the Galactic Center
  • 03.08.17, 12:15hrsGabriel MarinelloDAS - U. de ChileLarge-scale structure of quasars and Large quasar groups in the SDSS
  • 28.07.17, 12:15hrsShiyin ShenShanghai ObservatoryThe dust along the line of sight to extra-galactic objects
  • 27.07.17, 12:15hrsJuna KollmeierCarnegie ObservatoriesStellar (and Quasi-stellar) Astrophysics and Galactic Archeology: 2020
  • 20.07.17, 12:15hrsJinhua HeCASSACA/Yunnan Astronomical Observatory, ChinaMillimeter line variation in carbon star IRC +10216
  • 06.07.17, 12:15hrsJorge MelnickESOThe Origin of Life: the second law of thermodynamics and the entropy of complex systems
  • 29.06.17, 12:15hrsGesa H.-M. BertrangUMI-LFCA & Paris ObservatoryOn magnetic fields and what we can learn from polarimetry in protoplanetary disks
  • 22.06.17, 12:15hrsPierre KervellaUMI-LFCA & Paris ObservatoryA family portrait of the Alpha Centauri triple system
  • 15.06.17, 12:15hrsLucia GuaitaINAF-Osservatorio Astronomico di RomaThe role of HI distribution and kinematics on the escape of Lya photons in star-forming galaxies
  • 08.06.17, 12:15hrsLoreto BarcosJoint Alma Observatory/NRAOUnderstanding Star Formation from a Radio/Sub-mm Perspective in Local Luminous Infrared Galaxies
  • 01.06.17, 15:00hrsSteven M. KahnDirector LSSTRecent Advances on the LSST project
  • 25.05.17, 12:15hrsAntonios KatsianisDAS - U. de ChileThe star formation rates and stellar masses of Galaxies for the last 13 billion years
  • 11.05.17, 12:15hrsLeonardo VanziAIUC - PUCZen and the Art of building Astronomical Instruments
  • 04.05.17, 12:15hrsPaulina LiraDAS - U. de ChileReverberation Mapping of Luminous Quasars at high-z
  • 27.04.17, 12:15hrsMarko StalevskiDAS - U. de ChileTowards a new paradigm for the dust emission in active galactic nuclei
  • 13.04.17, 12:15hrsLinda WatsonESO ChileMolecular Gas and Star Formation in the Outskirts of Galaxies
  • 06.04.17, 12:15hrsAnnie ZavagnoLaboratoire d'Astrophysique de MarseilleThe interplay between ionized regions and star formation
  • 23.03.17, 12:15hrsDainis DravinsLund ObservatoryCherenkov Telescope Arrays for Optical Astronomy: Intensity interferometry and imaging of stellar surfaces
  • 16.03.17, 12:00hrsNuria HuélamoCentro de Astrobiología, MadridThe formation of Brown Dwarfs: observational properties
  • 09.03.17, 12:00hrsGuillermo BlancDAS - U. de ChileA Characteristic Transition Mass Scale in the Gas Phase Mass-Metallicity Relation of Local Star Forming Galaxies
  • 12.01.17, 16:00hrsRoberto J. AssefNúcleo de Astronomía, UDPHot, Dust-Obscured Galaxies

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