DAS Professor at IAU Symposium

Thursday, March 24, 2016

For five days, astronomers around the world gathered in the city of Toledo, Spain, to participate in the first Symposium 2016 organized by the International Astronomical Union entitled "Formation and Evolution of Galaxy Outskirts", with the aim of presenting the latest developments in the study of the outer regions of galaxies.

The activity was attended by the professor of the Department of Astronomy at the University of Chile, Monica Rubio, who gave the talk "Dense Cloud Cores revealed by ALMA CO observations in the low metallicity dwarf galaxy WLM", in which she presented the results of her long run research on the properties of the regions where stars are formed in the dwarf galaxy WLM (Wolf-Lundmark-Melotte). "This galaxy contains very few ingredients to form dense and cold gas that we see through the emission of carbon monoxide molecule. Observations with ALMA allowed our team to uncover the molecular capsules where new stars will be born", she said.

The study, led by astronomer at the University of Chile, caused great impact on the scientific community and was published by the prestigious journal Nature in September 2015 by revealing a new form of stellar nursery after the discovery of an "incubator" stars the eaves of the small galaxy WLM, located three million light years from Earth, to give light on the origin of the stars.