Massive assistance on the Day of the Cultural Heritage

Wednesday, May 28, 2014

For the seventh consecutive year, the Department of Astronomy (DAS) at the University of Chile, opened its doors to the community last Sunday 25 May, in the Day of the Cultural Heritage 2014, bringing together more than 1.300 people.

The Observatory offered guided tours of the historic telescopes of the Observatory, located in Cerro Calan, besides to the launching of rockets of water by the educator in Astronomy, Jorge Muñoz.

Additionally, the attendees were able to observe the Sun and its spots through the Telescope Crowned SolarMax90, which allows you to see directly the details of the chromosphere, a thin layer that can only be observed with instruments and that is located below the glossy surface that encloses the star. "Never before have I seen a sunspot. It is very surprising and entertaining. I hope to continue to participate in this initiative, which allows the community not only know the facilities and these wonderful instruments, but also to be able to share with future astronomers", said Ivonne Duarte.

The initiative was developed in complete normality, counting with the support of the Municipality of Las Condes; Police of Chile; and students and staff members of the DAS.