Information about ALMA for Chilean Astronomers

Chilean astronomers have access to the Atacama Large Millimeter Array (ALMA) through agreements between the Astronomy Department of the Universidad de Chile (DAS) or CONICYT and the individual ALMA partners: NRAO, ESO, and NAOJ. The DAS and CONICYT are formally responsible for administering this share of time, and have agreed to participate in the international ALMA Review Panel (ARP) in order to take advantage of the large organizational effort and world-recognized expertise of the assembled panels. As such, Chilean astronomers wishing to propose for ALMA time will need to propose through regular ALMA proposal cycle.

The latest information regarding proposing for ALMA can be found here: (mirrors at and

ALMA Eligibility Requirements to Qualify for Chilean Partner Time

Roughly 10% of the overall ARP composition is made up of astronomers from Chile, with ~1 Chilean member per panel. Membership details for each Cycle can be found below. Together, the Chilean ARP members also make up the Chilean Review Committee (CRC), who are tasked with identifying which submitted proposals will qualify for Chilean eligibility status and reporting their findings to ALMA prior to the actual ARP meeting. ALMA has indicated that proposals which are submitted through Chilean time and, based on reasons related to the rules below, are found not to be compliant with the rules that the CRC has defined, will not be further considered in the Review Process and will not be eligible for the International Time. Eligibility requirements are as follows:

1.- The PI must be affiliated with a Chilean Institution and reside in Chile. Residency will be determined following the rules laid out by Sociedad Chilena de Astronomia (SOCHIAS) and specifically by comparing the list of proposers against the "Lista Blanca" maintained by SOCHIAS. Proposers must ensure that their department head puts them on this list before the Cycle 5 proposal deadline.

2.- Each proposal must have at least one permanent Chilean faculty member among the proposers (PI or co-I). This faculty member will act as sponsor and ultimately be responsible for reporting progress on accepted programs if the PI does not submit a proposal in future cycles (including this one) or leaves Chile. Support confirmation is now required via the CRC webtool.

3.- Student-led proposals require a support confirmation from faculty supervisor via the CRC webtool.

4.- The PI must submit a report via the CRC webtool on past ALMA usage through the Chilean partner time, summarizing the analysis and publication status from all previously observed ALMA programs as PI and possibly as sponsor (for all accepted past programs where PI will not report on it), with emphasis on Chilean participation. The rough expectation is that PIs should publish at least one Chilean-led (faculty, postdoc, or student) paper associated with roughly 50% of their completed projects for which the data have been public for >1 year. If the PI has no past usage through the Chilean partner time, this section will remain blank.

5.- The PI must submit a work plan via the CRC webtool highlighting, for each submitted proposal, who will do what with respect to reduction, analysis, and paper writing, with particular emphasis on the role of the Chilean PI and co-Is. The rough expectation is that the Chilean PI/co-Is should have a strong role within the project and contribute to the growth of submm/mm astronomy within the Chilean community.

6.- If the proposal is rejected on any of the above grounds, the PI will be notified and given the opportunity to appeal the CRC decision within the next 7 days (inclusive). Please note that this is an opportunity to dispute misinterpretations of submitted information, and not necessarily a second chance to provide new information (which will be at the discretion of the CRC).

All supporting information must be submitted through the CRC webtool by 17:00hr on April 22, 2017 (CLST).

CRC WEBTOOL: For cycle 5, the CRC submission will occur via a webtool, which has been integrated into the CNTAC webtool. To access it, register and log onto Then click on 'Go to your ALMA CRC portal'. We strongly encourage proposers to register early and investigate the process. A partial list of past proposals has been ingested for previously registered users.

Important (tentative) Deadlines for 2017:

- March 21, 2017: Cycle 5 Call for Proposals and Observer Tool released
- April 20, 2017: Cycle 5 Proposal Deadline
- April 22, 2017: Cycle 5 CRC Information Deadline
- May 6-8, 2017: Cycle 5 CRC Rejection Notices
- May 6-15, 2017: Cycle 5 CRC Appeal Process
- August 2017: Result of the proposal review process sent to PIs.
- October 2017 Start of ALMA Cycle 5 observations.
- September 2018: End of ALMA Cycle 5 observations.

ALMA CRC Panelists:

Cycle 5 - To be confirmed
Cycle 4 - Franz Bauer (Chair), Manuel Aravena, Amelia Bayo, Roberto Assef, Simon Casassus, Lucas Cieza, Eduardo Ibar, Stefan Kimeswenger, Paulina Lira, Diego Mardones, Laura Perez, Jaime Pineda, Jose Luis Prieto, Ezequiel Treister.
Cycle 3 - Franz Bauer (Chair), Felipe Barrientos, Amelia Bayo, Simon Casassus, Lucas Cieza, Stefan Kimeswenger, Paulina Lira, Diego Mardones, Thomas Puzia, Ezequiel Treister.
Cycle 2 - Andres Jordan (Chair), Felipe Barrientos, Leonardo Bronfman, Guido Garay, Neil Nagar, Thomas Puzia, Ezequiel Treister.
Cycle 1 - Guido Garay (Chair), Felipe Barrientos, Leonardo Bronfman, Gaspar Galaz, Andrés Jordán, Neil Nagar, Thomas Puzia, Matthias Schreiber.
Cycle 0 - Guido Garay (Chair), Leonardo Bronfman, Gaspar Galaz, Paulina Lira, Neil Nagar.

Chilean ALMA National Committee (CHANCO)

The Chilean ALMA Nominating Committee (CHANCO) is designated in equal parts by DAS and CONICYT, and is responsible for nominating all ALMA-related Chilean representatives (i.e., all personnel required for the Chilean ALMA Observing Time Allocation, the ALMA Board, and the ASAC). The CHANCO is composed of six faculty members from Chilean astronomy institutions, selected to provide broad representation of the Chilean astronomy.

CHANCO Membership:

2017 - Franz Bauer (Chair), Leonard Bronfman, Lucas Cieza, Edgardo Costa, Doug Geisler, Veronica Motta
2016 - Franz Bauer (Chair), Leonard Bronfman, Lucas Cieza, Edgardo Costa, Doug Geisler, Veronica Motta
2015 - Franz Bauer, Edgardo Costa
2014 - Matthias Schreiber (Chair), Franz Bauer, Edgardo Costa, Diego Mardones, Neil Nagar, Andreas Reisenegger

CHANCO Documents:

Original documents from DAS and CONICYT [coming 'soon']

Proposal for Chilean Participation in ALMA (May 31, 2011)

Chanco Minutes (June, 2014)

CRC Report Cycle 2 (August, 2014)

CRC Report Cycle 3 (October, 2015)

CRC Report Cycle 4 (October, 2016)

ASAC Member:

2016-present - Manuel Aravena
2013-2016 - Simon Casassus
2008-2013 - Neil Nagar

ALMA Board Member:

2016-present - Luis Chavarria
2014-2016 - Leonardo Bronfman
2008-2013 - Monica Rubio