Chilean Telescope Allocation Committee

The Astronomy Department of the Universidad de Chile (DAS) is mandated to administer Chilean telescope time on the following facilities: LCO, CTIO, SOAR, PROMPT, Mini-TAO, ASTE, NANTEN2, QUIET, ACT, and the National Telescopes at La Silla.

To this end, the DAS organizes twice a year a Chilean Time Allocation Committee (CNTAC). The CNTAC is composed by experts from both the local community and the international observatories based in Chile.

A Call for Proposals is issued twice a year by the CNTAC with due dates around April 15 and October 15.

Important Deadlines for 2021A Semester
September 11: Call for proposals published.
October 9, 12:00 pm (noon): Deadline for proposals.
November 9-12: CNTAC Panels meet.